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13th Jan 04:
Added Google Ads to this page. They are non-intrusive and are based on the content listed here. Also I have set up an account for you to email if you want news to be added here: news@darkbeholder.com Please note that not all news can be displayed here

11th Jan 04:
My Ezboard HSOM's 2nd Anniversary is coming up on the 14th and this is the perfect time to checkout the board and even consider joining. Just stop by and check it out and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

4th Jan 04:
Hey the webhost transfer seems to have happened without a hitch. There was no down time during this move and everyone saw the same content regardless of the DNS being updated or not

1st Jan 04:
Happy New Year Everyone! There is a possibility of down time while i am changing webhost. If it all goes to plan there wont be any downtime but there is always the possibility. I'm now using Net-Trend and they appear to be very good and were recommended in 2 magazines that i read along with several good online reviews. If you want to sign up with them be sure to mention the username "dark" during the sign-up process (there is a section there).

20th Dec 03:
Have you ever wanted to have your very own English Title? Ever thought it would be great to be addressed as Lord or Barron? In association with Elitetitles.net you can now get your very own title just click on the banner below:

Elite Titles

Older news is currently being collated and will be placed in an archive folder and this page will be updated then to reflect it.

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