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The Component Pack

The Planet Pack

The Facility Pack


This is a collection of images from many sources, intended to add variety to the mods created for Space Empires IV. This collection provides a large common pool of resources for modders and artists. Modders of any skill level can expand their use of graphics without increasing download size. Artists can see their work used in many more mods. And players need only download one set of extra images, rather than one for each mod. Submissions are accepted in the Image Mod Thread over at ShrapnelGames.
Any original submission is accepted, assuming that it:
  1. is complete. (Contains all required images)
  2. is new. (Not already included)
  3. is intact. (Corrupted/damaged files must be resubmitted)
  4. is reasonably organized. (To make the compilation easier)
  5. contains an appropriate credit.txt. (Indicating any parties who should be credited with the work)

How To install the Image Packs

Installing the imagemod packs is quite simple. For each pack, copy all the files downloaded into your SE4/Pictures/xxxx folder or directory (where xxxx is the name of the image pack: components, or combat, or facilities, etc)

The only stock file that will be overwritten is the xxxx.bmp which contains the mini pictures.The new BMP file contains all of the old images and is fully backwards compatible, so stock games will not be affected. Multiplayer games will also not be adversely affected.

The reasoning behind overwriting the stock files is to avoid requiring multiple copies of these files for each mod installed. By installing them here, all mods can make use of the images, and your valuable disk space is not eaten up.

SE4 Image pack downloads

Other Stuff

The Imagemod... Mod!

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